COVID-19 Update

To best protect our customers, employees and our community JT's Merchandise Outlet has temporarily closed through Mid April or until further notice. We appreciate your business, and pray that you and your loved ones stay safe. 
Para proteger a nuestros clientes, empleados y nuestra comunidad JTs Merchandise Outlet ha cerrado nuestras puertas hasta mediado de Abril o cuando se nos permita regresar. Muchas gracias por su negocio se les agradece de corazon. Oremos que sus familias y ustedes permanezcan sanos.


JT'S Merchandise Outlet 

Wholesale clothing, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, general merchandise and much more, call us for more information.


  JT's Merchandise Outlet

JT'S Merchandise Outlet provides manufacturers, retailers and distributors with creative alternatives for disposing of closeouts, overstock and any other unwanted merchandise. With our extensive experience and dynamic purchasing power we are able to pass incredible name brand products and savings to our customers. We have customers nationwide and overseas. We respect all territory retsrictions that are given to us. JT's Merchandise Outlet is headquartered in Santa Fe Springs, California.






Sold by pallet or truckload

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Wholesale Pallets of clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories and general merchandise


JT's Merchandise Outlet, Inc.
9511 Ann Street

Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
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(562) 903-1780

9511 Ann St, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670, USA

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